A populous nation blessed with natural resources still struggles with food insecurity, unemployment, malnutrition and poverty. Multiple research and studies have pointed to agriculture, food processing and agribusiness as transformational drivers if the right attention is given in areas such as investment in infrastructure, capacity building, funding and improved policies and frameworks that makes the environment suitable and conducive.

Many Nigerians have ventured in food production as a mean of livelihood. These growers are usually at the bottom of the food chain getting only a token of the billions of Naira transacted on a daily basis in the country’s agricultural value chain.

The infusion of technology into agriculture has proven to be a pivotal for success. From the use of hoes to a plough and mini tractors, equipment such as dryers, e-commerce platforms that make procurement of quality inputs possible, small capacity processing mills and facilities, e-learning platforms for extension services, open data initiatives making it possible for knowledge transfers across borders and high-tech irrigation setups making it possible to grow food in lands without adequate water. The list is endless of how technology is transforming the way agriculture is done.

Agricultural and food technologies (Agrifoodtech) have contributing to expanding food production while giving attention to a sustainable environment. For our country Nigeria, many of our entrepreneurs in this space require a number of support services to help them startup, gain traction and where necessary pivot to more viable business ventures.

It is with this in mind that The Greenrise Innovation Hub was set up to serve as a point for incubation, acceleration and business development. Hence with collaborations we are making it possible for Nigerian ag-tech entrepreneurs to show case their innovation to a global audience of enthusiast and investors.

The Future Agro Challenge Nigeria which is organized in partnership with Industry Disruptors to bring together the country competition for the Agripreneur of the year whom will go on to compete with entrepreneurs from over 60 countries for the Award Agripreneur of the Year.

On the 27th of November 2020 at 10am, eight final entrepreneurs who have scaled through the application and mentorship process will pitch their businesses to a panel of judges and a large audience for the opportunity to compete on a global stage.

Would you like to meet them?

The businesses to pitch cut across various aspect of the value chain. Our goal is to provide a platform where our agritech businesses can grow sustainably, network and gain deserved traction for expansion.

Would you like to join the virtual audience for the 2020 Future Agro Challenge? Follow this link to register — https://thegreenrisehub.com/fac2020

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